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Whole Sale and Corporate Orders

We are looking for partnership with strong wholesalers to distribute our products in different states of India. We believe in long term relationship and honouring business terms. Strong individuals or companies that are interested in partnering with us, please fill in enquiry form for a detailed discussion.

Sield is a reliable and safe product, which industries can provide to their staff and workforce for personal protection. Sield is washable and hence cost efficient. It is eco friendly and helps in showing your commitment towards the healthcare of your employees. We understand small and medium businesses form the backbone of our economy. Taking this factor into account, our minimum order quantity starts from 100 pieces for industrial customers.

We support large businesses like ITES, banks, hotels, educational institutions, NGOs, etc., with customized product branding. For customization, we require minimum 2000 units to get the best pricing and quality standard.

Export orders are accepted with MOQ as low as 1000 units for each consignment. This can be a combination of different products. For long run orders we can do product branding. We can produce for your private labels as well depending on the product volume.